Fitness Visionary Kaizzad Capadia Launches ‘ACFM’ Module

In addition to having achieved national and global acclaim as a Fitness Icon, Visionary and Educator, Kaizzad Capadia, is at heart, a teacher and has established world-class educational institutions under his path-breaking and popular brand – K 11 – which imparts education in Fitness Sciences, to all who aspire becoming successful Fitness Professionals (Personal Trainers and Sports Nutritionists). In keeping with the challenges posed by the lockdown, Kaizzad Capadia announces the launch of his tech-savvy, ‘ATTEND CLASS FROM HOME’ (ACFH) module…



Though our schools have been shut for over a month now, due to the ongoing and necessary Governments directives of a Lockdown, we have used this time to perfect the use of technology to reach out to our students at home. Since there is the possibility of the Lockdown getting further extended, beyond the 3rd of May, we at K11 have decided to no longer delay the education that we owe our students and have initiated the ATTEND CLASS FROM HOME (ACFH) solution for them!

ACFH sustains our Brand Values of Teaching. We believe that nothing can really substitute face-to-face education in physical classes. ACFH uses the internet to reach our students in their homes, but should not be mistaken lightly for ‘Online Education’. Through an App, we will connect with our students in a Virtual Classroom and continue to teach from the K11 School Classrooms and Labs post the lockdown, despite schools being shut and no students in the classrooms. The lectures that we deliver to our students via the Video Conferencing App will be LIVE; FACE-TO-FACE; and INTERACTIVE, with students getting the full view of the Teacher, White Board and Slides shown on the projector, as if they were in class.

In the classic, old-school way, you would get reprimanded if you’re not paying attention or are distracted while attending class from home, as our teachers will be even more vigilant now, to ensure that your investment in K11 Education is justified. Just like in a normal classroom session, any student with a query would needs to raise their hand and the K11 teacher, as always, will pause the ongoing talk to first address the student. 

The ACFH option will be kept available even post the Schools reopens, for the benefit of all who are not from the five cities in which our schools are located, namely – Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and Ahmedabad. Those residing in these cities are also free to avail the ACFH module.

ACHF can be applied 100% to the Certified Sports Nutritionists Course and also to the Certified Personal Trainer for Special Populations Course, conditional to having earned your K11 Diploma in Personal Training and are thus a Registered Exercise Professional with a REPS INDIA membership under Category-A (Personal Trainer). ACFH can also be applied to the 4-month long Theory Module of the Personal Trainers Course.

The 2-Month Practical Module will be done in our K11 School Labs, to ensure that teaching has not been compromised at any level. Practicals in which correct Bio-Mechanics (Form and Technique) are taught to our students by our Master Trainers in the Lab (Gym Floor) cannot be done in a Virtual Setting. The advantage here is that our outstation students of the Personal Trainers Course, now due to the Theory being effectively taught via ACFH, will have to travel and relocate to the towns where our schools are located, for 2 Months only, as compared to the earlier mandatory 6-Month stay. 

We are proud to share that 50% of our students come from other cities and relocate to benefit from our education, with the understanding that this inconvenience will reward them manifold, with stellar careers in the Fitness Industry. 75% of all our students hail from Middle to Lower-Middle Income group homes, but they choose to invest nearly twice the amount others spend enrolling in other institutes, because they understand that the value of a Brick and Mortar School Education is incomparable to the self-study model of Online Certifications. 

This is why the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), under the Ministry Of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), trusts K11 to provide meaningful jobs to the youth; investing in our institute as funded partners.

This Pandemic has forced us to develop alternative means to reaching out to our students who are home-bound currently. We are confident that this innovation – ACFH – will not compromise on our Teaching Principles, as our teachers stand on the same podium of our classrooms, making eye contact with our students instead of power point slides! 

We are still your old-school, Face-to-Face Teachers using technology to bridge the distance and reach out to students who are unable to be with us in class. The Classroom may be Virtual, but all else stands REAL – our classes will be held LIVE; Face-to-Face with students and teachers, with uninterrupted Two-Way Interaction

We are grateful that this adversity has pushed us with an innovation which we will continue to use to reach out to even more youth, who are unable to reach our schools, despite wanting a K11 Education for a stellar career in the dynamic Fitness Industry. 

K11 currently educates over 5,000 Fitness Industry aspirants annually. With our ‘ATTEND CLASS FROM HOME’ or ACFH option running alongside, we hope to reach more than double this number of students in the very near future. 

For Details and Queries, contact: +91 7666611011

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