A Heart With Hope Finds Happiness!

Kashmira Shaw Raj is a professional Taichi and Qigong practitioner and teacher. Also, a successful clinical psychologist, psychic and healer, Kashmira runs ‘The Tai-Qi Touch’ with her husband, Dr. Brijesh Raj, a healer and a Vet. Taichi practitioners for over fourteen years now, they are instructors in Sifu Carlton Hill’s Tao Taichi Qi Gong organization, and Shibashi Instructors under Sifu Wing Cheung from the Feng Shui and Taichi Institute, Hongkong & Canada.

Our lives are interconnected by an intricate web of emotions. But the one thread that binds all together is that of love, compassion, faith and most importantly, hope. Humankind has never lost hope – be there earthquakes, famines, financial or personal setbacks – we pick up the pieces and keep going, with the conviction that better times are just around the corner.

Hope abides and lives eternally. History is replete with legends who never gave up even in the face of impossible odds. But hope by itself is futile if there are no efforts that go with it.

Make The Effort:

  • No matter what, we have to keep trying to move forward.
  • There may be a time out to shed your tears, but its back to business shortly after.
  • Learn from your mistakes and think, ‘What Next?’
  • And most of all, try to laugh at what life hands you.

Each one of us has survived challenging times, be it on personal or professional fronts. Some are left with nothing except their spirit. Businesses and well to do executives find themselves staring at bankruptcy and penury. Despite fatalism and pessimism, there has rarely been an incident before when society as a whole has not hoped and prayed as much… hoped for the virus to ebb and for lives to normalize. Shocking sudden deaths have taken the world by storm. Despite all this, if you are able to wake up and face another day with a smile on your face, you have invited Hope into your home and life!

Hope just is. It has a life of its own and moves on wings of faith and courage. Children are the best examples of hope. They look at you with hope in their eyes if they want something. They believe that ‘Santa Claus’ will give them everything they have asked for. Their hope and faith is pure and innocent. When we hope, we share in a loving and compassionate energy. Hope magnifies positivity. The energy of hope is powerful and infectious, bringing the light of hope into dark hearts and minds.

Celebrate the living. Raise a toast to happiness and laughter. Don’t let hope die down. If it did, a large part of us would perish alongside. On asking a little girl what hope meant to her, she recounted in all earnestness a story her teacher had shared:

Once upon a time there lived a poor couple. The man cut wood and sold it in the market. He bought vegetables for the wife with whatever he earned. She would make the best meal possible, always smiling. His wife’s smiling words would banish all his anxiety. ‘Things will get better, don’t worry. You must be patient.’

It was a dark night, a storm was brewing and she knew that her child would soon be born. The husband was nervous but she was confident that they would have a lovely, healthy girl. ‘How do you know? he asked incredulously. ‘I just know.’ Sure enough, the wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. ‘Oh my, she’s so small! he exclaimed! ‘She’s our Hope.’ And so was Hope named!

Hope lived true to her name. She never gave up. If she lost a game, she fretted and cried and then went back to play until she won. Soon she started accompanying her father to the jungle. Whilst her father cut wood, she would pick the most exquisite wild flowers and make small bouquets for sale. She never returned empty handed. Her smile and attitude attracted many buyers. Soon Hope started earning enough to tell her father to stop working. When he refused, she hired a man to carry his load. She started making bundles of differently sized wood. The smallest for firewood, others for carpenters and craftsmen. ‘Our Hope will never let us down,’ her father said.

One day it struck her, that her mother made the most delicious food. She thought of how her food always made her feel good when she was unwell or low. She convinced her mother to cook a larger amount as an experiment. A simple, soul stirring soup, some comfort bread and flavored rice. She put up a bench in the marketplace and put out the food. She let everyone who came to her shop try some. She packed some take away for their sick. In a week, Hope was flooded with orders to make more. So started, ‘Soul Food’. ‘When will she stop?’ her father asked her mother. ‘Never!’ she breathed back.

Hope could no longer manage everything on her own. She met Faith in the market one day. Faith was a bubbly, smiling girl, always ready to help. She came from a troubled home but had decided to go out and make something of her life. Hope loved Faith’s belief and confidence. They became inseparable. Hope grew successful with Faith around and Faith felt her life taking a turn for the better with Hope.

And that holds true in our lives too – with hope and faith by our side, we will always be successful in all our pursuits! A heart with hope will always find faith, and with both, the heart will always generate happiness within and all around!

 Here’s a simple meditation exercise to keep your heart happy and full of Hope!

  1. Sit in a comfortable position with your phone silent. Ensure that no one disturbs you.
  2. Slowly inhale and exhale, thrice.
  3. Slowly put your palms on your heart center (the center of your chest.). One palm over the other.
  4. Now think of one situation that worries you and see it working out just the way you want it, positive and happy. Feel your heart center open and send loving, happy and positive energy to the situation as you visualize it happening. Smile and let the love flow out.
  5. Feel a warmth in your hands. Let the happiness flow out and fill your entire body. Let it grow big and spread around you. See the love flowing out and spreading beyond you.
  6. Remain in this position for a while. Then slowly feel all the energy coming back into your heart.
  7. Slowly move your fingers and toes, turn your head from side to side and then rub your hands together and place them over your eyes. Slowly see through the gaps between your fingers and then bring your palms down from your face.
  8. Blink slowly and open your eyes fully.

Here’s wishing all our readers a Happy Parsi New Year!!

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