Bachi Karkaria Authors ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’

Leading journalist and writer, known for her inimitable satire and exemplary writing style, Bachi Karkaria, recently unveiled her latest book, titled, ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’ (Kindle edition). Available on Amazon and published by Westland Books, as part of eleven new, exclusive short stories, ‘The Dowager And The Harlot’ is Bachi’s engrossing personal memoir about the two cities that she calls home – Calcutta and Mumbai. Calcutta – the cultural capital and fragile custodian of nostalgia; Bombay – flashy yet a down-to-earth city of opportunity and wealth: stereotype or reality? Bachi explores how life spins out in two of India’s biggest metropolises.

Speaking to Parsi Times, Bachi shares, “Growing up Parsi in Calcutta was substantially different from living as and among Parsis in Bombay. The former city didn’t have the overwhelming Parsi presence, institutional as well as individual, but it had enough organisations and occasions to bond us without necessarily thumping our chests about it. Also, the physical absence of a past helped us concentrate on making something of ourselves in the present. This a personal memoir about the two cities I call home.”

Published on 6th August, 2020, and priced at Rs. 51/-, don’t miss out on the short (38 pages) yet absorbing read, by aapri author extraordinaire – Bachi Karkaria. 

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