From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk


Dear Readers,

It is said that every truly successful journey begins on a note of gratitude, and as we begin the journey of the new orbit marking the Parsi New Year, I thank all our readers, on behalf of Parsi Times, for your unflinching and ever-increasing support and patronship, through the years.

Team PT especially extends heart-felt gratitude for your very kind feedback and words of encouragement and appreciation for our Parsi New Year Special issue. Like one of our readers wrote in, “Hope is exactly what we needed during these difficult times and your New Year Special issue’s theme, ‘Celebrating Hope’ hit the mark bang-on! The content was so positive and inspiring for us to read that it really helped set the tone for a truly happy New Year. And seeing our very own Ratan Tata greet the comm brought a smile to all our faces!”

Indeed! We are truly thankful to Shri Ratan Tata, for yet again greeting the community via Parsi Times on our most auspicious occasion. Many of our readers also wrote in about the added sense of joy on being finally able to hold the physical copies of their favourite newsweekly, after months of patient waiting. Team PT is delighted to restart the delivery of our physical newspapers to you, though, it might not reach all subscribers mainly due to absence of vendors (most having returned to their villages) or areas deemed containment zones. We request your patience even as we are doing our best to reach PT to all our subscribers. Kindly connect with us ( if your vendor is unable to deliver your copy.

The low-key festivities this year remind us that we still have a long way to go before we can shut the book on the pandemic chapter, but till then, let’s play the best hand with the cards we’ve been dealt. Let’s identify and embrace this new world order which calls for greater kindness towards each other and compassion for all of His creations. How about a few of our very own Parsi New Year Resolutions?

Let celebrations be understated, let’s overdo giving to those in need;
Let’s adhere to social distancing, but never let our hearts recede;
Let’s wash away all negativity as we lather our hands,
Let sanitization, also, to our spirituality, extend;
Let’s keep those face-masks on, but discard the façade,
Let Honesty and Kindness be the measures of your scorecard;
Let’s transform the story of our lives into an inspiring epic
Of how we united and fought, and vanquished this epidemic.

Have a lovely weekend!


– Anahita

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