Protect Yourself From Fungal Infection This Summer

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Summer brings along with it soaring temperature and humidity – and hence, more sweating. Unfortunately, summer also makes people more vulnerable to nasty fungal infections – which cause rashes, itchiness, discoloration of skin and other uncomfortable symptoms. This unsightly condition can survive in any environment and can re-infect a person. Body parts most commonly affected include the Armpits, Behind the knees, Inner thighs, Groin, Below the breasts, Underside of the belly, Creases on the neck, Waist, In between fingers and toes, Diaper area in babies.

Homeopathy Treatment For Fungal Infection: Fungal infections arise when those with a weak immune system are exposed to conditions (poor hygiene, humidity, heat) favorable to fungus growth. Persistent fungal infections are also commonly associated with severe immune-compromised conditions like cancer, uncontrolled diabetes and HIV and with the prolonged use of certain conventional medicines. Homeopathic medicines help in healing the weakened immune system and subsequently, improve the infection, thus also helping prevent its recurrence. 

Homeopathic remedies are safe for all age groups and even during pregnancy or lactation. These medicines are highly beneficial to those with sensitive skin, and where conventional medicines are not as effective or cause side effects. Fungal infections, especially on the face, that are challenging to treat in general practice, can be treated successfully with homeopathy. 


  • Calcarea carbonica 30C: Generally prescribed for individuals who develop fungal infections due to obesity. 5 pills twice a day once a week, repeat after a week.
  • Rhus Toxicodendron 30 C: To combat itchiness and redness of skin – 5 pills twice a day for a couple of weeks till symptoms disappear.
  • Chrysophanic Acid 6c: 5 pills twice a day for a couple of weeks till symptoms disappear

Pls Note: The medicines mentioned above are only suggestive; please consult your local homeopath who will be in a position to understand your condition better.

Waiting for fungal infection to clear up on its own can lead to a flare-up, becoming more painful. Visit a homeopathic dermatologist to treat the fungal infection effectively without any side-effects.

TIPS TO AVOID FUNGAL INFECTIONS: Medication may relieve you from the discomfort and heal the infection but some simple precautions can help prevent the condition altogether, ensuring healthy skin throughout the summer. 

  • Keep Clean And Dry: Good personal hygiene practices can keep fungus at bay. Keeping your skin dry and clean is one of the best approaches to prevent fungal infections. Wash your body daily and dry off thoroughly before wearing dry, clean clothes. Do not use soap as this could dry out the skin.
  • Choose The Right Underwear: Women should avoid wearing under-wired bras and men should avoid briefs as these cause friction and chaffing under the breast and in the groin areas which could worsen the infection. Choose non-wired or sports bras and boxers to help you heal better.
  • Avoid Exposure To The Sun: Going out in the hot afternoon sun and heat could induce sweating and worsen infection. Avoid going out in the sun as much as possible.
  • Change Your Innerwear, Socks And Gym Gear Daily: Clothes that get sweaty or are in direct contact with the body, like innerwear should be changed daily. Ensure wearing fresh clothes every time.  
  • Dry Those Sweaty Shoes: Closed-in shoes like sneakers are a perfect environment for fungi to develop, especially in humid and warm summer weather. Dry out your shoes after wearing them and consider flip-flops to avoid moisture.
  • Look After Your Immune System: Look after your body by having a well-balanced diet, exercising and rest. This will help promote a healthy immune system and protect your body from fungal infection. Additionally, help the immune with methods to combat stress like meditation, chanting, deep breathing etc. 

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