From the Editors Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Come December…. The Beginning Of The End!

Dear Readers,

The popular saying, ‘Every end marks a new beginning’, is usually meant in a consolatory or comforting context – but thanks to the harrowing pandemic, time can’t be ticking fast enough to conclude this deadly chapter that has shaken the core of humanity. We can’t wait to belong to a future time, when we can look back and know that we are well and truly done with Covid and its various mutations. Which is why we more than welcome December, the last month of this year, which marks beginning of the end of 2021.

But the pandemic is not the only malady we hope and pray for, to end. There are a few other equally harmful ailments that the community has been riddled with and we sincerely wish that December would equally mark ‘the beginning of the end’ of all these as well, alongside 2021. The first thing that comes to mind is our declining population – may December turn the tables on this uphill, or as some would say, losing battle and may 2022 usher in the births of lots of healthy and happy Parsi babies, to ensure the longevity of our glorious community.

May December also mark the beginning of the end of everything negative that we live with – pain, grudges, anger, spite, hatred, regret… et al. May we enter the New Year with renewed spirits, repaired hearts, healthy bodies and restored faith to take on life’s challenges and live the truly Zoroastrian way of life, embracing truthfulness, industriousness, kindness, happiness and generosity.

And last, but by no stretch of the imagination, the least, may the last month of this year ensure that we have heard the last of all the instability and acrimony within our most august institution – the BPP. May December herald the beginning of the end of all disharmony within the Trustees as also any malicious agendas compromising the welfare of the community; may our elected leaders work in the best interests of the community members and lead us into 2022, as the enablers of justice and rectitude.

There are far better things that lie ahead of us than any that we have left behind – now if only December would do its bit!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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