Thane Zarthostis Celebrate Ava Yazad Nu Parab

On 23rd March, 2022, the Zarthostis of Thane gathered to celebrate and pay respect to the most respected Ava Ardvi sur banu, which is revered in the form of the holy well, at the Cowasji Patell Agiary compound, in Thane, Maharashtra. With the blessings of Ava Yazad, the water in the well is never depleted, even during the scorching summers.

The main celebration was held in the evening, commencing with a Jashan at the Agiary, performed by Er. Kersi Sidhwa and E. Adil Dastoor of Patell Agiary, Thane. Attended by a good number of humdins, the hour-long Jashan prayers concluded around 5:40pm, when all devotees gathered around the holy well for a Humbandagi prayer session led by the same priests. Post the religious ceremonies, the Thane Parsis enjoyed the Chasni, along with cold drinks and snacks. One could hear the gathering, share different thoughts on the day and the way ahead. All in all, it was yet another day of peaceful but joyful celebrations for the Thane Parsis.

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