From the Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Dear Readers,

Come December and the already festive spirit reaches its peak, even as one’s social calendar starts running out of available dates, amid parties and gatherings and ceremonies and receptions – with everyone enthusiastically celebrating various crucial and/or fun events. December also marks the season of giving – making us more prone to opening our wallets along with our hearts, with many embarking on the ‘shop-till-they-drop’ spree, enthused to fulfil the wish lists of loved ones.

Unfortunately, commercialism makes the most of cherished traditions, serving more as a distraction and taking away from the deeper meaning of ‘giving’. The onus on giving does not have to mean buying expensive gifts. The giving of time, love, attention, thoughts and prayers is far more valuable, even priceless, compared to things that money can buy… be it consciously spending more time with family, or reconnecting and raising a glass with long lost friends, or committing to a community cause for the welfare of our less-fortunate community members. 

Often, the best gift you can give is simply being present and spending quality time with the people you love. Cooking or sharing a meal, creating handmade tokens of your appreciation, or organising and engaging in fun activities that nurture bonding, are great means to display your love and caring for those who mean the world to you, without having to break the bank!

While it’s a good time for the fortunate who are surrounded by the people they love and the ensuing kinship, for those who have suffered a loss, or are survivors of broken homes, this time of the year can be heart-breaking. It serves as a reminder of loneliness, isolation and tragedy, as many struggle daily to survive the tough times with their loved ones, leave alone showering them with gifts. When we gift them our time, kindness and resources, we can spread seasonal cheer to those most in need. We can reach out to the elderly, the socially isolated, or a grieving neighbour or friend by visiting them or inviting them into our homes. Donations to charities, food drives or relief organizations can also be made in the name of a loved one.

Giving need not be about extravagance and excess, it’s all about feeling that glow of generosity within our hearts, which is derived from lighting up the lives of our fellow humans. It’s an opportunity to renew our bonds with those close to us and to forge new ones, especially those we know who are struggling with loneliness. It’s a time for sharing and caring that exemplifies how we ought to treat those less fortunate than us, as well as treat each other, with kindness and compassion, all year long. Therein, would we have realised, the true essence of this Season of Giving!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita


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