ZTFI Organises Community Picnic To Foster Community Bonds

On 17th June, 2023, the Zoroastrian Trust Funds of India (ZTFI), the community’s leading non-profit organisation, dedicated to supporting and uplifting the less fortunate community members, held a community picnic at Monteira Village in Karjat. A total of 45 community members came together to enjoy various fun activities together, which included boating, dancing, pottery, fun-filled games and thrilling rides. It was a day filled with camaraderie amidst laughter and giggles, and everyone returned home in a luxurious air-conditioned bus, with fond memories, new friendships, and a wide smile after tasty meals, return gifts and much entertainment.

“It was wonderful and we all enjoyed thoroughly! It was budget friendly. We are very grateful to everyone at ZTFI, the volunteers and a special thanks to Arnavaz Mistry and Yassmin Mistry – they took very good care of us. The trip was very well-organized and we want many more trips like this with ZTFI!” said the merry-picnickers, in a combined note of thanks.

Living up to its motto, ‘Community First’, ZTFI has been tirelessly and consistently been making a difference and adding value to the lives of innumerable community members. Speaking to Parsi Times, Yassmin Mistry, the dazzling industrialist as also the Founder Trustee and Chairperson of ZTFI, said, “The main aim of organizing community outings like these is to foster community togetherness and a sense of unity and camaraderie among our brethren. For a community to truly prosper and be happy, it is crucial that we nurture and fortify our unity, especially as we are such a small community. We endeavour to further secure our closely-knit connections as fellow Parsis/Iranis.”    

Established in 2009, ZTFI has been spreading much smiles, relief and joy in the lives of our community’s underprivileged. In addition to its philanthropic focus towards the poor, ZTFI has also been championing various causes of the community.

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