Caution And Compassion…


Dear Readers,


Even as we thank the Rain Gods for smiling upon us and as we welcome the onset on the much-needed monsoons, the consequences of this change of season warrants our added attention… on two levels – caution and compassion.

Caution demands, nay, ensures our adherence sooner or later – because there will be consequences to pay – the literal analogy being – if you do move out without an umbrella in the rains, you will get wet. We have to take measures to safeguard ourselves from a number of potential rain-related penalties – like mosquitoes and malaria; drinking water/street-food and food poisoning; traffic/water-logging and impunctuality; getting drenched and the flu… you get the drift.

It’s terrifyingly simple – if we’re not cautious, our lives get impacted. We can’t get away with playing the ostrich because the more firmly you tuck your head in the sand, the more prominently you expose another part of your anatomy! So, one way or the other – through intelligence or through life-lessons – we end up practicing caution and we learn to play it safe during the rainy season.

Compassion – the act of understanding and alleviating the suffering of another – however, is another story. Being considerate towards another’s predicament is a choice we don’t ‘have to’ make, to ensure our wellbeing. Not being compassionate has no seemingly direct consequences – it’s left to our free-will, to our sensibilities, to our humanity. And never is it needed more than during the rains – especially for our street animals and birds who succumb to the forces of nature, bereft of food, shelter and care.

It is a fervent request to not turn a blind eye to, or worse, turn away animals in need during this season. You would be doing more than making a difference – you would be saving a life. After all, the true test of goodness is about doing a deed without expecting any payback, save for that feeling of having justified your privileged place on earth, as one of God’s own.

May this rainy season be marked with as much compassion as caution, to ensure our wellbeing and that of those less privileged than us.

Have a safe and lovely weekend!


– Anahita

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