XYZ Seniors Hold Exciting Trek

On 20th August, 2023, XYZ Seniors, the young adults of the community’s premiere children and youth non-profit organisation – X’tremely Young Zoroastrians – set out on an expedition to the Kondana Caves under the guidance of RockSalt adventures. The usual late and lazy Sunday morning was replaced by an early morning 5:46 AM with a 2-hour train journey to Karjat, marked with a lot of singing, laughing and fun.

Post a small breakfast at Karjat, the trek to the caves commenced, with participants jumping, skipping, climbing and slipping their way through. They reached their destination after a challenging and adventurous walk all the way to the top, where they were rewarded with breath-taking sights by Mother Nature, with cascading waterfalls.

After much exploration and more fun, the XYZ seniors started their journey back, followed by a hearty lunch after the tiring adventure. The journey back was laden with smiles and memories that would be cherished for a long time!

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