A Doctor In The House?

Is there a doctor in the house, your house?  Yes, there is. Rather, there are… two docs! My niece – a consulting pediatrician and her hubby – a hepatologist (liver transplant specialist). Both are lovely, living the good life in the UK with their two sons.  All is hunky-dory. But that is not enough, now […]

Parsi Times Turns Eleven

Over a decade ago it was felt that the community was getting only one-sided news, the news and views of the orthodox members of the community. An all-round, fair, ortho-liberal type of journalism was needed. Hence, Parsi Times was born. On 30th April, 2011 (Mah Adar, Roj Daepmeher), Parsi residents woke up to the ‘Truth-Delivered’ […]

Come December

Come December, ’tis the most beautiful month of the year, Come December, Christmas time is here! Come December, ’tis time for peace and goodwill everywhere, Come December, ’tis festive, fun time, food and good times to share! Unlike today, about half a century ago, as students, we would receive long winter vacation time of about […]