XYZ Karachi’s ‘Ardeshir’s Aces’ Hold Fun Events

‘Ardeshir’s Aces’, XYZ’s international group from its Karachi chapter, is one of its newer groups which was birthed during the lockdown, in July 2020, during the lockdown. This small but enthusiastic group has conducted some fun and amazing events in a short period! In December 2020, ‘Ardeshir’s Aces’ conducted an Xmas Hamper project, pleasantly surprising […]

Anahita Desai and Berjis Desai Speak About Their Respective Nominations As BPP Trustees

Anahita Desai Speaks About Filing Her Nomination As BPP Trustee On 19th January, 2021, Anahita Desai – popular candidate for the BPP Trusteeship in the oncoming elections in March 2021, formally filed her nomination. Over the past three decades, Anahita Desai has proven her commitment and dedication to community service with honesty, integrity and wholehearted […]

Premiering Ba Humata

(By Meher Amalsad, Ca, USA) A Prayer, Leadership and Entrepreneurship Global Webinar Series on ‘Prayer With Action and Action With Prayers’, by our thoughtful priests, insightful leaders and thinking entrepreneurs, celebrating the theme: ‘Make Others Happy And You Shall Also Be Happy’. With immense pride and joy, we would like to invite you all to join us for this very […]