Let me start with a joke. I asked my friend, Behnaz, “Your hubby Neville is such an angry man! How do u deal with it?” She said, “It’s simple – I clean my bathroom after every fight.” I was amazed! “Really? How does that help?” She said, “I use his toothbrush!!” Cliched jokes apart, everyone […]

Mumbai Rains Wreak Havoc: Doongerwadi Structures Damaged

Torrential rains on 5th August, 2020, wreaked much mayhem in Mumbai, causing damage to destruction to life, limb and property. And it wasn’t just about the usual water-logging, traffic diversions and flooding. There were uprooted trees, collapsed walls, land-slides, roads cracking and caving in, power shortages and water scarcity, all across Mumbai, with South Bombay […]

Unlocking Weapon Training With The Pride Of Zoroastrian Community

The art of Samurai is the highest intellectual martial art. Handling a sword has a plain beauty with direct efficient techniques and a characteristic of calmness with sharp attention. ‘Kenjutsu’ is the umbrella term for all ‘Kobudo’ (weapon training) schools of Japanese swordsmanship. Our Zoroastrian jewel – Renshi Vispy Kharadi, along with India’s leading and […]