Unlocking Weapon Training With The Pride Of Zoroastrian Community

The art of Samurai is the highest intellectual martial art. Handling a sword has a plain beauty with direct efficient techniques and a characteristic of calmness with sharp attention. ‘Kenjutsu’ is the umbrella term for all ‘Kobudo’ (weapon training) schools of Japanese swordsmanship.

Our Zoroastrian jewel – Renshi Vispy Kharadi, along with India’s leading and one of the best martial artists – Soshihan Mehul Vora, together have been instrumental in gifting this art to the Indian Martial Arts fraternity, in the form of Nippon Kobudo and Kenjutsu Federation – India (NKKFI), and the Japanese Swords and Weapon Federation – India (JSWFI). This body is directly affiliated under the ‘Mugariyu Heido Nichiryukai – Japan’; the ‘Nihonden Kobudo Kuoshikai – Japan’ and the ‘World Kobudo Federation – Canada’. 

Soshihan Mehul Vora Hanshi is a licensed teacher since 2005 in addition to being the only Indian licensed as Chief Instructor and Examiner for India for the afore-mentioned organisations. Seven-times Guinness World Record Holder, Fitness and Nutrition expert – Renshi Vispy Kharadi heads the NKKFI; he’s the President of Gujarat region and is proudly the highest and senior-most black belt of the state. 

Renshi Vispy Kharadi’s achievements have truly make the Parsi community stand proud! He’s the fourth Dan Black Belt in Karate, second Dan Black Belt in Kudo, second Dan Black Belt in Kenjutsu and the first Dan Black Belt in Judo, Jujutsu, Kobudo and Krav Maga (an Israeli art of self defense).

His proud team of instructors and  first black belts of Gujarat includes Zoroastrians from the age of 8 to 53 years – Sempei Yazdan Vispy Kharadi (8 years old)  and Sempei Zidaan Vispy Kharadi (11 years old) are the youngest practitioners of this art! Others include Renshi Darayas Cooper – fifth Dan Black Belt in Karate, second Dan Black Belt in Kudo and three-times Guinness World Record Holder – Sensei Farzana Vispy Kharadi and Sempei Jamshed Darayas Cooper.

Kudos to Renshi Vispy Kharadi for being the pride of the community and the country!

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