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Napoleon had once said, “He who fears being conquered is sure of defeat.” The phobias and fears that one has can always hinder an individual’s success. In both Math and Memory we develop unnecessary tensions and do not get the desired results. While trying to do Math sums, program your mind that “I can do it” and then see the difference.

A Few Memory Tips To Study:

  • Begin on the time decided: Start your work on time and avoid wasting time on trivial matters.
  • Honest Self-Assessment: Study effectively and do not waste time.
  • Proper Time Management: Allocate proper time to all your subjects and instead of doing easy things first, do the difficult things first.
  • Regular Breaks: Plan your work well and allocate time for recreation. Avoid fatigue and boredom.

Why Fear Maths Problems?

Totaling all the numbers from 1 to 20:
Take 20 times 21 which is equal to 420
Divide it by 2
Answer is 210 which is the sum of all numbers from 1 to 20
How about totaling all the numbers from 1 to 38?
38 times 39 = 1482
Divide it by 2
Answer is 741.

Try these tips to be more competent in Maths:

  • Solve some Math problems daily and not occasionally.
  • Enjoy the time you do math; do not feel bored.
  • At the beginning, have smaller sessions and later on increase the time allocated to math.
  • Take it as a challenge. Refer to word problems as puzzlers, brain teasers, or stumpers and present them as fun challenges rather than dreaded math problems.
  • Students should solve Math sums together but when allowing students to work with others, provide time for them to read and think about the problem independently before discussing it with a partner or team.

Things to keep in mind while doing Math and Memorising effectively:

  • Creativity is often neglected, whether with regards to memory or anything else. Ask yourself how you can be creative in remembering a subject. By employing a dry boring way of reading, like mugging, and then forgetting will not take you far.
  • Observation: A person with good observation can remember quickly. For example, 12 times 12=144 and 13 times 13=169. But have you ever observed that 21 X 21 = 441 which is the reverse 12 X 12 = 144 and similarly 31 X 31= 961 which is reverse of 169. But the same is not true for the squares of 14 and 41.
  • Listen to different songs while doing different Math problems. It motivates you a lot. Change the song for a different problem.
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