Energy And Divination

Has there been a time when you have woken up and known that something was not going to be right? Or maybe that today was going to be a very important day in your life? People have told me in hindsight that they did not feel ‘right’. They were anxious, on edge, not being able to put a finger on what it was that made them feel so. I had met someone who had just met with an accident. He was shaken but told me that he knew something would not go right. Due a prior commitment, he could not back out and therefore had taken the risk. Luckily, he was barely hurt.

When we do readings with any divination method, be it tarot cards, crystal ball, coffee dregs, pendulum dowsing, tea leaves, angel and fairies cards, we extend ourselves to connect to the energy of that divination method. We act like a bridge between the one asking the question and the mode of finding the answers. We connect to the divination tool in use and are able to ‘read’ the person for whom the question is being asked. Energy plays a big role in any form of divination. When people are angry or upset, they have disturbed energy which is not only inside but even remains around them. As a result of this they will either put off people around them or will attract people who are similar to them. How often do we experience those days when something goes wrong in the morning and everything else continues to go downhill.

You can also get messages and answers to certain questions that you ask the universe. Just be open to receive, accept and acknowledge what you get. Very often we find the idea so absurd in itself that we do not go beyond what we can see. There is surely a world out there to feel. It can give you so much provided you ask for it. We all can find answers to the questions we ask and use a little bit of divination by ourselves too. Try this:

  1. Think of one question that you have in mind. In the morning when you are in a good and positive frame of mind, ask the universe that question. Also ask to receive some message, an idea or writing, that indicates or pushes you towards the answer and forget about it. Go about doing your daily work but just remain alert. During the course of the day you will get some messages with respect to the question you had asked. It could come to you in the form of a message, some movie dialogue, something on the internet or something someone tells you. Think about it before you disregard it. If you do not agree with it, that’s fine. This is the simplest way to find your own answers to certain questions you feel need answering. All of us have our answers to the questions we ask. It is just that they are deep seated within that we have lost the art of getting in touch with our higher self and find them.
  2. Another simple method can be to take a book of mantras, or quotes or sayings or some philosophy book that you have. Hold it in your hand, focus and concentrate on your question. Think of the answer that you want. Then randomly open the book and read whatever page your eye catches. It might just be a word, a phrase or a sentence. But it will be related to your question. Think about it. It may not happen the first time if you are uncertain and not concentrating. Try again and you will get some help.


The universe is very generous. You simply have to ask and it will listen to you. Just keep your eyes, ears and soul open for its deliverance. You will not be disappointed.




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