Interpretation Of Dreams

We spend a third of our lives asleep, so why not explore the messages that your unconscious self is sending you? We dream in symbols and what those symbols mean to us can be interpreted in so many different ways. Take an apple for example. Let’s say three persons see an apple in their dreams. The guy who works with the computers will think it’s about his job. The teacher will interpret it as illumination since an apple fell on Isaac Newton. To the farmer or green-grocer, it means abundance because that’s how they make a living.

In dream interpretation, there are a few common themes like falling. If you see yourself falling, chances are people around you are not supportive. Your family may not be as loving as you’d want or your workmates are not responsive, in short you feel insecure and underappreciated.

If you fly in your dreams, you have a desire to get above things, to look at things from a different perspective. You want to get a bird’s eye view of a worrisome situation. If you are chased in a dream, ask yourself what you running away from – am I running away from myself or someone else, or an unpleasant situation? Why am I afraid of being caught? Often, it’s an aspect of yourself. There’s a part of you that you are running away from, but in actual fact, it needs your nurturing and love. Your unconscious is asking you to accept every single part of yourself and every aspect of your character, no matter how dark you think it is.

Death in a dream, whether your own or someone else’s can be a good symbol because in all nature, every act of destruction is followed by an act of creation. It signifies something finishing in your life. Children dream the most through puberty (which is the death of a child and the birth of a young adult.) Don’t be scared of dreams. Look forward to a new transformation in your life. It’s most common to dream of famous people as they are symbols of what you want to be, your hopes and aspirations. Famous people in dreams are symbols of what those people represent to you.

Dreaming of new houses and new rooms is good because houses represent one’s self. A house with new undiscovered rooms is a reminder that you are infinite, immortal, universal and in life, you are always discovering this fact. If in your dream, you are ascending a staircase, it’s supposed to be good luck and if you are descending, it’s bad luck!

Dreams of premonition foretell coming events because they are mystic guides of our destiny. The Ramayan has a reference to the dream of Trijata (Sita’s attendant) who saw Ram defeating Ravan in his dreams. When you see birds and animals in dreams, attribute human characteristics to them like owls are wise, dogs are faithful, doves are a symbol of love, lions are brave, etc. These are all symbols of a desire you have, so if you want to be wiser, you will dream of owls. If you see a dove, go to the person you are angry with, it’s a sign you want to patch up.

Deceased loved ones can come in our dreams and bless us or take part in family festivals and also warn us. Because you are devoid of ego or logic while asleep, they are able to get through to you and communicate. It’s also wish fulfilment because you want to see them again. Your dreams can tell you so much about yourself and can be clues to your true nature.

Do dreams come true? Yes, sometimes they do. Dreams which come true are called premonition-dreams and here’s a real-life story of one such dream in which an unborn foetus communicated with her mother. The year was 1925. There was a very poor peasant woman in Russia, who on account of her abject poverty and already many children, wanted to abort her foetus.  One night she saw a beautiful little girl in her dream saying, “Mother, please don’t do it. Give me the gift of life. I want to dance.” The next day, the dream repeated itself. Hence, the poor peasant woman gave up the idea of aborting her child. The little girl was Maya Plisetskaya and the rest, as they say, is history. Maya became Russian ballet’s most iconic ballerina who gave joy and inspiration to millions around the world. At 20 she was already a lead dancer in the Bolshoi ballet at Moscow and easily the most admired ballet dancer in the world. She passed away in May, 2015, at the ripe old age of 89.


What an amazing article. I really appreciate this because if you spot your self being awarded on your dream it signifies that you prefer being associated with the profitable workforce and this is why you stay on suffering on your life to make sure that you go together with the correct people. Similarly, dreaming of new houses and new rooms is good because houses represent one’s self.

Wow its an amazing article as we know that dream is a solution to make sure that you pay attention the phrases, music, or phrase that you need to. If your psyche is turning up the volume on something on your dream then you need to believe that this information is essential for you to pay attention.

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