From The Editor’s Desk

From The Editor's Desk

Let Us Not To The Endeavours Of True Minds Admit Impediments…

Dear Readers,

Our love for theatre is legendary. None of our New Year celebrations are complete without booking ourselves tickets for a good ‘naatak’ or drama. Over the past decade, our proclivity for drama seems to have overflowed beyond the theatre. We have progressed from innocently watching ‘naataks’ to participating in and even producing drama! Social media is our perpetual stage and the whole world, nee community, is our audience. We start our day looking for new whatsapp/Facebook messages… and we are never disappointed. There’s always some controversy or the other fetching dogged reactions in the form of inane gyaan/opinions even from overseas, recorded audio messages, et al. And we just can’t be left out, so we hit ‘Comment’/’Forward’.

What we do not, but need to, understand is that our addiction to anything that sounds even slightly controversial – without giving as much as a thought to verifying its authenticity – comes back to harm our community two-folds… First, it creates confusion by trying to pass off unauthenticated rumours, spread by ill-intentioned miscreants, as ‘news/information’; and secondly, and more unfortunately, it raises unnecessary impediments and challenges in the path of those genuinely working towards the betterment of our Community.

Though most have the Community’s best interests at heart, our gullibility to misinformation and drama leaves us realising that the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Let us reinforce our commitment to being well-informed so we can be part of the right processes. But more importantly – a la Shakespeare – let us not to the ‘endeavours’ of true minds admit impediments!


– Anahita

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