Albless Baug Celebrates 150th Anniversary With Inauguration of Renovated Hall

The 150th Anniversary celebrations of our community’s iconic wedding and navjote venue, ‘Sir Eduljee Albless Baug’, witnessed the inauguration of its renovated hall, amidst a grand turnout on 13th October, 2018. Organised and conceptualised by Managing Trustee, Roshan Lentin (nee Albless), and Trustees Navaz Lentin, Erach Billimoria, Dr. Jamshed Dalal, Tosher Govadia and Gool Kalyaniwalla, the event was coordinated by Percy Lentin of Stargaze Events.

Compared by Mahiyar Dastur, the event was attended by Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastur, Bachi and Dinshaw Tamboly, BPP Chairman Yazdi Desai with wife Anahita, BPP Trustees Noshir Dadrawala, Armaity Tirandaz, Xerxes Dastur and Viraf Mehta; Art historian and founder of Cymroza Art Gallery, Dr. Pheroza Godrej and Founder and Managing Director of Madison India, Sam Balsara.

The proceedings commenced with Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastur leading the Humbandagi, followed by Roshan Lentin welcoming the gathering and appreciating the management and staff of Albless Baug for their consistent efforts in nurturing the premises. After the members of the Albless family and the Trustees were felicitated, Vada Dasturji Khurshed appreciated the pristine atmosphere of Albless Baug. Dinshaw Tamboly shared memories of his Navjote and marriage being celebrated at Albless Baug in 1952 and 1969, respectively, and added that the Baug has also been the spawning ground for entrepreneurs such as videographers, photographers and caterers. Leading art historian and environmentalist, Dr. Pheroza Godrej, praised the relationships maintained by the Albless family and shared memories of her Navjote and her brother’s, being performed at this venue. Founder and Chairman of Madison India, Sam Balsara reminisced fond memories and spoke about Maneckji Albless, who had the ambition to trade with China, and in keeping with his charitable disposition, built the Baug.

A nostalgic film on Albless Baug, conceived by Percy Lentin, filmed by Areez Patel and scripted by Meherzad Patel, with Mahabanoo Mody Kotwal’s lucid voice over, was screened by Arish Daruwalla of Mazda Audio Video Lab. While tracing the history of the Baug, the film expounded on how Maneckjee Albless helped the poor Chinese by building a hospital in China, and in return, was honoured by the Chinese Government, who blessed him saying, “All Bless”, from which the surname Albless was derived.

Another audio-visual presentation showcased Nadir Godrej extolling the history, glory and fame of the Albless Family and the Baug, poetically, while talented singers Cyrus Dubash and Sharmila Dias regaled the audiences. Trustee Tosher Govadia delivered an extensive vote of thanks, followed by Roshan Lentin inaugurating the newly renovated air conditioned hall and cutting the cake. The evening ended with an excellent dinner catered by Kaizad Patel.


Pics Courtesy- Rehan Daruwalla



My Navjote and Lagan was also held at Albless Baug. This brings to mind my Navjote especially as I was navjoted in this very hall and my sister’s marriage ceremony too was held here in this hall just after my Navjote sixty six years ago. How time flies. There must hardly be a Parsi family who does not have some connection or memory associated with Albless Baug.

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