Travel Tales With Shahrookh

Parsi Times brings you a tête-à-tête with Shahrookh Dumasia, the globe-trotting, travel enthusiast Vice President of Operations and Tours at ‘Success Tours’, a Croatian DMC (Destination Management Company). Shahrookh’s passion for travel combined with a resonating job profile has had him visit numerous countries all over the world and he plans on sharing his travel experiences along with very useful travel reviews and tips for PT readers with his fortnightly travel column that will surely excite and motivate our readers to pursue wonderful journeys and exhilarating experiences in different corners of the world!


Having been a Tour Director with the world famous ‘Make My Trip’ portal, at Success Tours, Shahrookh is responsible for product development, costing and operations. Apart from escorting Fixed Departure Group tours to various international destinations he has also escorted MICE (groups for various Multinationals) including Danone (Netherlands); John Deer (Russia and Prague); Mahindra and Mahindra (Spain); Grohe Bathroom Distributors (USA); Zee TV (South Africa); Proctor and Gamble (Paris); Asian Paints (Thailand); L’ Oreal (Croatia) and many more.

PT: Tell us more about Success Tours 

Shahrookh: Success Tours is your one stop provider for all your travel needs and requirements, especially if you have Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Eastern Europe and the whole of the Balkan region on your bucket list.  Success Tours is the most preferred Destination Management Company providing a highly innovative and efficient traveling experience.

PT: Has travel always been a passion? How did you make it your profession?

Shahrookh: Traveling has been my passion ever since childhood. Coming from a middle-class family, realising this dream was not easy. During my youth, I worked as an interior decorator and on small projects to save up money and fulfil my dreams. In 2000, during one of my life’s lowest phases, my wife introduced me to the travel profession, through one of her best friends in a reputed travel company. She hired me based on my performance post training.  After that, I was sent to Europe as a Tour Manager and the rest is history!

PT: What does traveling mean to you? How does it help people?

Shahrookh: Honestly, to me it’s my bread and butter. Besides, it has provided me with international exposure and enriched my learning and interests as I meet different people, cultures, habits, eating preferences, etc. Personally, it boosts your confidence and your personality – it has changed me into a stronger and more confident person. It breaks you out of your comfort zone and empowers your ability to grow on so many fronts.  I look forward to traveling to more parts of the world and further enrich my experiences and growth!

PT: Name some of the places you have visited and your favourite experience.

Shahrookh: Till date, I have explored over forty-one countries and two hundred cities globally, including USA, South Africa, Russia, China, Entire Europe (Northern Eastern Western Central), Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, UK (England Scotland Wales Northern Ireland), UAE, Qatar, Oman, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and Turkey. Every country and every city has its own charm and beauty, but Croatia is literally a world apart! It’s beauty and magic – especially Plitvice (Lake) National Park leaves one feeling like we are in paradise!

PT: Why should travel companies opt for Success Tours? 

Shahrookh: Because at Success Tours, we believe in our commitment to deliver what we promise, keeping in mind service with high quality.

PT: What would you like to tell our readers?

Shahrookh: I look forward to sharing travel reviews with the lovely PT readers and bring you a feel of the world in the way it should be seen. I will help you plan your holidays and ensure you get the best itinerary in keeping with the place and the season, and most importantly, customized preferences. In keeping with that, Croatia should be on the top of your list!


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