The Parsis Of Navsari: A Proud Past, A Progressive Present, A Promising Future

The ‘Local Committee of The WZO Trusts at Navsari’ has organised a function addressing three crucial aspects important for the Community’s future – at Navsari’s Bai Dosibai Kotwal Parsi Boy’s Orphanage (Servai Party Plot) on 20th January, 2019 – as under:

1. Acknowledging Our Mobed Sahebs:

As no community can survive without a strong religious foundation, the success and survival of our Zoroastrian community is undoubtedly directly linked to our religion and our Mobeds. Navsari, often referred to as the ‘Dharam ni Tekdi’ and ‘Vatican of the Parsis’, is fortunate to have a fair number of Mobed Sahebs tending to the spiritual needs of our community. The Members of the Local Committee of WZO Trusts at Navsari thought it appropriate that the efforts of the Navsari Mobeds should be publicly acknowledged. Since WZO Trusts in collaboration with Athornan Mandal, have been actively espousing the cause of Mobed Sahebs since 1996 and both jointly having spawned the creation of ‘Empowering Mobeds’ in 2018, the Members of our Local Committee were encouraged to steer their initiative to fruition.

As a result of this initiative, 35 Mobeds in Navsari will be felicitated, of which 19 are full-time Mobeds with 7 of them practising for over 25 years; 13 Mobeds practising part-time; and 3 youngsters who have recently begun to perform Mobedi in addition to pursuing their studies.

2. Encouraging And Motivating Our Youth:

Realising the significance of education in sustaining and enhancing the standing of a community, the Local Committee of The WZO Trusts at Navsari have been organising an annual function over the last 15 years, where students, from KG to Post Graduates, who have done well in their academics, are acknowledged and felicitated for their efforts. A total of 237 Parsi students will be felicitated at the function.

3. Launching The Latest Directory of Zoroastrians in Navsari (Demographics):

It is essential that the community be well-informed as regards our population; various vocations we are involved in; different blood types of members to facilitate assistance in times of medical emergencies; and the number of community institutions providing service in diverse areas. As a Directory of Zoroastrian residents of Navsari was last published in 1974, there’s a definite need to know our head count not only in terms of numbers but also the age group. The Local Committee of WZO Trusts at Navsari have prepared a comprehensive Directory containing relevant details that runs into 204 pages, which will be released at the function on 20th January, 2019. A copy will be given to each Zoroastrian family – and others interested can avail one upon request.

Trustees of The WZO Trusts extend their sincere gratitude to Members of our Local Committee at Navsari and volunteers for their help. A special thanks to Marzban Jamshedji Giara for conceiving the idea of preparing a map of the 54 Zoroastrians institutions that exist at Navsari and for being actively involved in the Directory project. It would be fitting for Zoroastrians to attend the function in large numbers to honour our Mobed Sahebs, encourage and motivate our youth and witness the release of the latest Directory of Zoroastrians in Navsari.

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