Thane’s Patell Agiary Celebrates 239th Salgreh

On 21st February, 2019, (Adar Roj, Meher Mahino), the Thane Zarthostis came together to celebrate the 239th Salgreh of Seth Cowasji Patell Agiary, organised by the Trustees of the Thana Agiary Fund. The auspicious occasion, which was attended by over three hundred Zarthostis, started with a Machi at 4:15pm performed by Er. Adil Sidhwa, followed by the Salgreh Jashan at 5:00pm, performed by Er. Behramshaw Sidhwa, Er. Adil Sidhwa and Er. Adil Dastur. The magnificent new Agiary structure was florally decked and illuminated to showcase the glorious 2 centuries and 4 decade old Atash Padshah standing strong in all His glory.

The evening function was held at the Adjoining ground in the Agiary compound and started with a Humbandagi prayer recited Er. Behramshaw Sidhwa followed by a welcome address by Homi Talati. The Chief Guest, Er. Aspandiar Dadachanji, was felicitated by the Trustees and went on to share deep insights into understanding Jasan ceremonies with demonstrations, as described in the Avesta, and spoke about how Yashna prayers should be performed with natural ingredients like  fruits, flowers, dry fruits, milk, water and sharbat offered as thanks to Ahura Mazda. He also highlighted various kinds of Jashans and their purpose, extolling the power of our Jasan prayers with examples.

Next, Katy Gandevia and Pearl Mistry of Jiyo Parsi took the stage and briefed the audiences on the history of Jiyo Parsi, its progress over the past six years achieving a target of adding 179 babies to the Parsi population. Pearl Mistry stressed on the need to utilize the new schemes launched by Jiyo Parsi as it was beneficial to all in the community.

The Trustees then presented cheques to 55 students from Thana Parsi families under the Education Financial Assistance scheme. The celebrations concluded with a sumptuous Gambhar dinner.

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