Freddy Vachha To Contest UK Independence Party Elections

Freddy Vachha, London’s Regional Chairman, has been selected by one thousand and four hundred United Kingdom Independent Party members to stand in the elections for the next Leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP). Having run UKIP London totaling 15% of the country, he is now ready to take on 100% of the job! Born in Bombay to an English mother and a Parsi father, Freddy has lived in the UK for his entire adult life. Freddy is a veteran campaigner who stood for UKIP in the 2015 and 2017 general elections, in the 2016 London Assembly elections and most recently this year for the European Parliament.

 “A leader, needs to lead, a leader needs to have charisma… We have to take the fight to the enemy… we have to win against an implacable and deadly foe, that lies, that cheats, that intimidates,” said Freddy to a packed house, at the recent UKIP Conference in Eastbourne. Freddy holds first class university qualifications in physics, mathematics and accountancy; he is Ernst & Young trained, a businessman and a serial entrepreneur. Confident of both – his prospects and that of the party’s, Freddy said, “I am going to win. Make me leader. I know what needs to be done, let me do it. Give me the tools. I will start and finish the job. UKIP will be great again!”

Endorsements for him are flowing in from UKIP members including senior party figures. Ballot papers will be sent out this week to the 26,000 UKIP members across the country. The count is set to commence on 10th of August, 2019, at UKIP HQ in Newton Abbot, Devon; and results are also expected to be declared on that day.

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