Adil Mama Awarded Medal of Distinction by Canadian Ethnic Press And Media Council

Toronto’s Adil D. Mama was recently awarded by the National Ethnic Press and Media Council Of Canada, with their Medal of Distinction, for his years of outstanding services to the people and the Government of Canada. He was felicitated with all the rights, privileges and honours afforded as an Honorary Member of the Board of Directors.

Adil Mama is a reputed senior advisor to many of Canada’s prominent leaders in government and business. His accomplishments and contributions have been widely covered across national media and books. Over the years, he has received numerous prestigious awards and medals including the ‘Gold Medal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’ and the ‘Diamond Jubilee Medal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’; and he has also been nominated to be awarded ‘The Order of Canada’.

Adil lives with his wife Margaret and daughter Sophia in Toronto, Canada.


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