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Dear Readers,   

It gives me immense delight to share with you our Bumper Special issue celebrating the glorious and biggest event in the Zoroastrian calendar worldwide – the third chapter of the Iranshah Udvada Utsav or IUU 2019, as we welcome the New Year 2020! Reinforcing our core commitment to our community’s progress and unity, with IUU’s ideals of fortifying and celebrating the essence of Parsipanu, Parsi Times is privileged to be the Exclusive Media Partner of the IUU, ever since its inception in 2015.

Offering the fabulous opportunity for community members worldwide to come together as one, in celebration, camaraderie and bonding over a three-day-period, commemorating our unique culture, traditions, achievements, cuisine and much more… there is surely no excuse big enough for you to not be part of our history unfolding at the IUU in Udvada, this weekend!

As we bid adieu to the year gone by with gratitude, people all over the world look forward to welcoming and celebrating the New Year with great hope, as it represents a fresh start. May 2020 prove to be the proverbial clean slate where we can start writing a better version of our story – as individuals, as a community and as a nation. Just as ‘2020 Vision’ symbolizes clear and precise sight, may our vision for the New Year be marked by wisdom and clarity so that we grow in virtue, value, unity and number.

Here’s wishing everyone a Very Happy New Year 2020! May the new orbit brighten all the darkness away and infuse an invigorated positivity to keep us shining and smiling through the new year!

– Anahita

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