COVID-19 And You!

Coronavirus – Personality Plus or Minus?

The COVID-19 Pandemic has changed our lives for good. Nothing will truly feel the same, when we emerge on the other side, after surviving and quashing the Coronavirus (Godspeed!!). But till then, as we live through the Social Distancing, Quarantine and the mandatory isolation, confined to our homes, spending a lot more time with our family and with ourselves, we come face to face with our own traits based on our responses to this absolutely new and scary stimulus – the Coronavirus.

The Lockdown phase has pushed us out of our comfort zones for certain. But where have you decided to relocate to? Are you stuck in the ‘Fear Zone’ – where your reactions highlight a sense of (inadvertent) self-obsession and panic? Or have you progressed to the ‘Learning Zone’, where you have been able to get a hold of your fears and are reflecting, absorbing truths and learning lessons from all around you? Or are you one of the few who have evolved even further to enter the ‘Growth Zone’, where you have not just made peace with yourself and the ongoing situation, but are even able to feel ‘happy’ in the ‘now’, and share wisdom with and pacify those around you? How has your personality changed during this once-in-a-lifetime (hopefully and thankfully) Coronavirus experience? Take this quiz to find out!

Pick your Honest Answers to the following statements by selecting a ‘Y’ (Yes, meaning you agree) or ‘N’ (No, meaning you disagree): [Y/N]

1. I’ve been hoarding food and supplies even now – after all, it’s better to be safe than sorry! [Y/N]
2. I refuse to give up thinking about things I can’t control through this phase.  [Y/N]
3. I’m unable to focus on helping others much because I’m feeling quite helpless and need support myself! [Y/N]
4. I think I could be (unintentionally) spreading emotions related to fear or anger (feel free to ask around for genuine feedback) with my words or deeds. [Y/N]
5. I can’t seem to stop compulsively consuming what triggers fear or hurts me – be it food or news. [Y/N]
6. I’m unable to focus attention on honing my talents and making them available to those who could benefit from them. [Y/N]
7. I find myself complaining more frequently. [Y/N]
8. I’m unable to identify and become conscious of the emotions I’m feeling. [Y/N]
9. It’s tough for me to stay in the present – I keep thinking of the future and the past. [Y/N]
10. On Social Media, I forward nearly every message I receive, often without verifying, because it is more important to keep people informed. [Y/N]
11. I end up reacting (instantly countering) instead of responding (thinking and then replying) to most situations. [Y/N]
12. I’m can’t seem to muster empathy for myself or for others – I sometimes feel like I’m emotionally numb. [Y/N]
13. These days, I’m losing my temper a lot more frequently and at the slightest provocation. [Y/N]
14. With such negativity all around, it’s tough for me to believe that we are all trying to do our best. [Y/N]
15. I find that my sense of gratitude and appreciation for the things around me, has lessened. [Y/N]
16. I don’t believe in pretending to be in a happy emotional state and spreading hope when the reality is so grim and scary. [Y/N]
17. I don’t like adapting myself to changing situations around me. [Y/N]
18. I am uncomfortable spending time with myself – I get restless left by myself for long. [Y/N]
19. I blame my insecurities/misgivings largely on the actions/behaviour of other people. [Y/N]
20. My family / friends often tell me I need to work on my ability to accept criticism. [Y/N]



For Your Results, count the total number of ‘Y’s you’ve chosen:

If you have between 0 – 6 ‘Y’s: You are indeed an evolved soul, firmly and progressively positioned in the ‘Growth Zone’. You apply your intelligence and have struck a balance within yourself despite the chaos outside. Your family is lucky to have your placating presence through this difficult period. You house wisdom and are happy to share it for the benefit of others. You are able to empathise with the fears of others and gently yank them out of the mental rut they seem to be stuck in.

If you have between 7 – 13 ‘Y’s: You have embarked on a progressive mental and emotional journey, in the ‘Learning Zone’, and you are a good student of life, imbibing most of the lessons it throws at you. It doesn’t always feel easy, but you have been successful in undoing your fears and controlling your dark emotions by bringing in the light of truth and logic. You will not get phased by this challenging phase – you are sure to come out wiser and stronger!

If you have between 14 – 20 ‘Y’s:  Your anxieties and negative compulsions seem to have a hold of you for now, as you lurk in the shadows of the ‘Fear Zone’. These are extraordinary times, but you could decide to not get consumed by your fears as that would lead to further self-obsession and loathing. At this point, you’re not the ‘favourite’ person at home to hang out with! But this can change – should you just resolve to open up your heart and your mind to the world outside. Give yourself a moment to think before you react – that should be a good start for you!


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