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Let There Be Light… Please!

Dear Readers,

Just last week the community was finally relieved of the ongoing BPP hubbub, with the announcement that all five current Trustees, had, on their word, signed a consent agreement, to collectively resign and hold brand new elections for all seven trustee seats, next March. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, one of them seems to have reneged upon his word… with the continued agenda of delaying elections.

Will this dreary saga never end? Will the community get to finally see a full board of seven Trustees by April, 2022? Why is one so obsessed with one’s ‘seat’ of power, that one is willing to back-stab the very same community that elected him to it, in the first place? More importantly, will the same wronged community elect him yet again or have we finally learnt our lesson? I shudder to think that the answer lies in the phrase, ‘Time will tell’. It is said that those who do not learn their lessons from history are doomed to repeat it.

It is also said, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness – only light can do that.” That holds true also for these dark roadblocks of deceit, which need to be dispelled with the light of truth and integrity – which is now, what over five thousand community members are formally demanding from its chosen leaders.

As we head towards the most celebrated Festival of Lights, there is but one hope and plea for our blessed community… Let there be light… Please!!!

Have a good weekend! Happy Diwali!

– Anahita



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