Good Samaritan Of Doongerwadi

In addition to our munificent Parsi donors, who, every so often loosen their purse strings for the upkeep, renovation and make-overs of our precious community properties, like Agiaries, Hostels and the Doongerwadi, we are also blessed to have a few good Samaritans who do their bit and deserve our praise and gratitude.

Over the past few months, Contractor Khushru Sukhadia had been coming to the Doongerwadi every day to supervise the renovation of the Bennett Bungli. While at Doongerwadi Khushru noticed that the Announcement/ Information Board just outside the main pavilion on which are written the names of the deceased and details regarding the Bungli in which the prayers are being held, was in a dilapidated state. He also noticed the unpainted Statue of Angels at the centre of the driveway. The big Farohar in the parking area also wore a neglected look.

Khushru decided to spruce up all these three himself. He got the Farohar painted in three antique finish metallic paint and had LED lights installed, which illuminate the painted Farohar at night, giving it a surreal effect. The Statue of Angels was painted and a brand new sleek Information Board was made and installed.

“The Doongarwadi is the final destination for all Parsis. It is where all families bid adieu to their dear ones. I wished to beautify the Farohar, the Statue of Angels in the centre and the Information Board to generate calm and serenity and soothe the mourning families. The rising sun on the Information Board heralds the dawn of a new era,” shares the good Samaritan. Kudos to Khushru Sukhadia for doing all this on his own initiative and his personal funds, in the pious memory of his loving mother, Coomi Hoshang Sukhadia.

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