XYZ Holds Athletic Meet 2022

XYZ Foundation conducted its Athletic Meet at the Bai Avabai F Petit Girls’ High School ground, on 24th April, 2022. Attended by over 490 people, children across 4 age groups participated in over 150 races, through the day, starting 7:00 am to conclude post 6:00 pm.

In addition to the races, there was Shot-Put and Tug-o-War for all age groups, Marble and Spoon race for the Under-17 age group, Sack-race for the Under-13, Shoe Bind race for the Under-10; and Small Feet Big Shoes race for the Under-7. There was also XYZ Juniors race (Under-5); XYZ Moms Race, XYZ Dads Race and XYZ Seniors (organizers).

Winners received a Certificate of Merit, a medal and XYZ XYROZ (XYZ’s own currency). Team Jamshed’s Giants clinched the overall trophy for the XYZ Athletic Meet 2022. Participants were served a delicious lunch and given snack boxes for the journey home.

XYZ’s first Athletic Meet since 2018 was organised brilliantly and met with much enthusiasm from both parents and participants. More power to the community’s premiere, children’s own organisation – XYZ!

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