Removing Negativity From Your Life

As per our Zoroastrian religion, Spenta Mainyu represents the Good Force and Angre Mainyu represents the Evil Force. Often, we find ourselves in a negative or adverse state of mind, which leads to negative instances happening to us – as we are surrounded by negative energy, outside or even within. It is thus important for us to understand what causes the negativity and how to identify the symptoms of negative forces; but most importantly, how to rid ourselves and our lives from negatives forces.


Understanding Symptoms Of Negativity…

These include mental turmoil, physical ailments in the body, disputes within the family leading to uncordial home atmosphere, disputes amongst relatives or amongst friends; setbacks at work or challenges in business, etc. On a medical level, blood circulation and brain-related ailments, as also anxiety and depressions are a result of negativity from surrounding environments. Indicators also include ailments like insomnia, restlessness, a confused state of mind, lethargy in the morning, broken sleep patterns, loss of interest in one’s work as also a waning interest in life. Reduction and cessation of income is also an indication of negativity.

The Causes…

 Numerous causes bring on negativity. One could suffer from the effects of others’ negative thoughts or jealousy – what is commonly known as the ‘evil eye’ (purposeful or subconscious), wishing bad for others. Even bad intentions of visitors, relatives or friends cause negativity – taunting or making fun of people’s misfortunes, feeling happy on another’s downfall – all results in negativity building inside of one’s self. Negative or jealous emotions within give rise to bad thoughts, bad words and ultimately bad deeds – resulting in ‘Dushmat, Duzukht and Duzvarsht’. It has been proven that the rust of a single nail spreads in the entire bunch of nails. Similarly, ‘Dushmat, Duzukht and Duzvarsht’ has the potential of being transmitted from just one person to the entire family, friend circles and  surroundings as a whole, much like a wild forest fire!


How To Remove Negative Energy From One’s Life…

As Zoroastrians we are blessed with a treasure of powerful prayers that not only corrects such situations but also protect us from negativity. Here are a few prayers that help:

  • Pray the ‘Vanant Yasht’ followed by its Nirang. The Nirang should be prayed three times compulsorily on completion of praying the ‘Vanant Yasht’. This prayer can be prayed in all five Gehs, whenever one is attacked mentally by negativity or feels negative.
  • Many Parsis believe in astrological issues like ‘Mangal Dosh’, ‘Kalsarp Dosh’, ‘Nadi Dosh’, ‘Pitru Dosh’ and ‘Shani’s Sadesatti’ which are believed to contribute to the cause and presence of negativity. Praying the ‘Moti Haptan Yasht’ helps in solving these problems. For those who are unable to devote enough time or are physically disabled, praying the 11th, 12th, 13th, and 14th paragraph of the ‘Moti Haptan Yasht’ in the Avesta in Roman Script, helps tremendously.
  • If possible, once a year, get the ‘Asfandarmad Ameshaspand’ Jashan performed at home.
  • Lighting of Loban / Loban cups/ Kapur or Incense Sticks and circulating these in the house, immediately after sunrise and before sunset, removes negativity.
  • Lighting of our regular Divo or electric lamp outside the doorstep before sunset also helps vanquish any evil from entering.
  • When you leave the house or even keep it locked due to travel or vacations, ensure that a small electric lamp is kept on (Zero-watt bulb) at all times, till your return.
  • Grow plants – keeping flower-pots and nurturing plants infuses positivity. Planting a Pomegranate or Tulsi Tree outside the house especially keeps negativity at bay.
  • Daily, light the Diva in the East or West direction.
  • To cleanse the home atmosphere, sweep and swab/mop the floors with Rock Salt dissolved in water.
  • Place pieces of Sea Salt in a glass bowl in the bathroom or toilet for a month and then flush away the same after the month is over. It is known to absorb negative energy. Pieces of Alum or Phitkari wrapped in red cloth and placed at entrance of your main door at home or office also help.

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