Caption This – 18th June

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! Winning Caption and Winner’s Name Will Be Published Next Week. Send in your captions at by 22nd June 2022. WINNER: Jackie: From ‘Hero’ to zero, it’s been quite a fall. Sanjay: From ‘Rocky’ to acting cocky, ain’t no fun at all! Salman: You guys shoulda stayed […]

Removing Negativity From Your Life

. Understanding Symptoms Of Negativity… These include mental turmoil, physical ailments in the body, disputes within the family leading to uncordial home atmosphere, disputes amongst relatives or amongst friends; setbacks at work or challenges in business, etc. On a medical level, blood circulation and brain-related ailments, as also anxiety and depressions are a result of negativity […]

Diniar Mehta Appointed President – Minority (Parsi) Cell And VP – BJP’s Colaba Vidhan Sabha

Diniar Darab Mehta, owner of the famous Dini Travels and social worker, has been appointed as the President of Minority (Parsi) Cell and Vice-President of the Bharatiya Janata Party, Colaba Vidhan Sabha. Heading Dini Travels, he is an enthusiastic tour operator known for taking passengers to Iran, Dubai, Bahrain and Muscat, for more than three […]

Beware Of Phishing!

In the good old days, our bank accounts were susceptible to forgery – if you were not very careful, someone could forge your signature and clean up your account. In the current day and age, unscrupulous elements just steal your identity! Fear and Greed are the two emotions most scammers use, to induce you to […]