The Mommy Astro-Guide: What Zodiac Signs Say About Mothers!

Being a mother is one of life’s most fulfilling yet thankless experiences. Motherhood involves bringing a new life into the world and nurturing it to become a wonderful human being – a task as divine as daunting. All mothers really want in return is some love and a little respect – a simple heartfelt ‘thank you’ and a hug is all it takes to truly fill their hearts with joy. Marking the occasion of Mother’s Day, on 14th May, 2023, here’s a fun ‘Mommy Astro-Guide’ based on zodiac signs, which could help us better appreciate and honour our mothers…

Aries: This is a ‘Warrior Mama’, ruled by Mars – God of War! Never a quitter, full of energy and always up for a challenge, she innately trusts her instincts, which are usually spot on! She knows how to nurture without mollycoddling! She could get competitive while playing boardgames. An Aries mother teaches her kids how to fight their way to the top and grow up to become independent adults, capable of fending for themselves. Stylish and undeterred, she’ll forever be the fiery spirit that confidently marches through life with her head held high.

Taurus: There’ll always be delicious food in a Taurus mom’s house, she’s an amazing cook and a warm hostess. She will be the solid anchor in her children’s lives – you can rely on her blindly. She has an almost miraculous threshold of pain and stress – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. She takes naturally to motherhood. As affectionate as she is with her children, her rules are the kind that can never be bent or the bull in her sees red! She’ll defend her children profusely and will always love them with divine intensity.

Gemini: Having a Gemini mom is more like having a cool sibling than a strict mother. A Gemini mother is never boring. While drama keeps her going, she has little patience for whiny behaviour. She’s always up for late night conversations about fascinating topics. Despite having a sharp tongue, she’s also incredibly hilarious and always knows the right thing to say to make you laugh. She’s too impatient to sit still and may not be obviously ‘maternal’, but there’s never a dull moment with her around!

Cancer: You’re super lucky to have a Cancerian mommy – they’re the most compassionate and caring of them all, putting your needs first always. A tad too sentimental at times, tragedy and sacrifice are her middle names and she’ll ensure that everyone knows it! She’s very warm and resourceful – there’s nothing in the world she won’t do for her family – especially her children. Her possessive nature can sometimes get a bit much but being possessive is her love language! She raises her children to be sensitive and compassionate individuals.

Leo: The charismatic Leo mom lights up any room she enters – lavishly showering her children with love and affection. Sometimes her overpowering love can blind her to their faults and those who dare point them out, will fall prey to her leonine roar! Low tolerance for disrespect, she can be the ‘best friend’ you’ve always wished for. She is a queen – even if only in her head – which means you have incredibly high standards to live up to. A bit of a diva, her confidence is second only to her love for her children.

Virgo: Virgo mothers are the glue that keeps the family together. This mum perfectly manages to raise a child, pursue a career, fix all meals, change the lightbulbs, pay the bills and even pursue a course to further her education or update her skills! A super memory, she remembers every little detail, making her someone that remembers your idiosyncrasies and understands you better than you do! She’ll always raise her children with firm ethics – personal, moral and emotional. Overly meticulous at times, her organizational habits set you up for greatness.

Libra: Libra mommies are easy-going and make amazing friends. Grooming is part of her personality – she’ll teach her children right from a young age, how to present oneself in public with an air of grace, refinement and impeccable manners. The Libra mother encourages her children to be as creative as possible and to lead their own lives. A patient mother, she ensures her children grow up in a creative environment and receive all the intellectual stimulation possible.

Scorpio: Extremely protective (even a bit of a helicopter mom at times), the Scorpio mum is extremely caring and devoted to her children. She will never let her children’s talent nor potential go unnoticed. An exceptional motivational coach when they need a pep talk, she will always bail her children out when they’re in a fix. Those posing a threat to her children will usually live to regret it! She can see right through her children, making it impossible to hide anything from her!

Sagittarius: An adventurer at heart, the Sagittarian woman ain’t a natural mommy but she loves openly and expressively, with all her heart. She will lovingly change diapers, shower her kids with love and attention and enjoy playing with them… she’s just not terribly fond of being in the kitchen, though she can whip up a delicious feast if she absolutely has to! Her brutally honest streak helps her raise children who grow into adults with a balanced sense of reality.

Capricorn: Born an unflinching leader at heart, the Capricorn mom is always in charge. She teaches her children all about having discipline and working hard toward their goals. The ultimate ‘power mother’, she never sits still and hates it when children sit idle. An excellent listener and non-judgmental, she gives her complete attention to her children, and they always look to her for advice as a confidant. A Capricorn mother manages to stay as your steadfast anchor, holding and healing you through the worst storms of life.

Aquarius: Aquarius women are free-spirited and very intelligent. When motherhood comes knocking at her door, she prefers to focus only on her child, making it her top priority to ensure giving the best life to her child. An Aquarius mother knows what her children should learn at what age. She finds new and fun ways to teach her kids new things. There’s something about her that sets her apart from everyone else – she follows the beat of her own drum while teaching her children to do the same.

Pisces: A Pisces mother is truly a sensitive soul. She truly believes her love can heal all wounds and can reform even the most troubled souls, and she’ll never ever give up trying. With a Pisces mum, you grow up surrounded by empathy and mystical energy. She teaches you to explore the expanse of your imagination and follow your artistic urges. She finds it challenging adapting to the concept of boundaries but she can be the most generous soul – and wouldn’t hesitate to take a bullet for her children. Her devotion knows no end and she’ll always make you feel special in her own way.

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