A Shift In Time!

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We’ve all heard about the phrase, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. But like all things else, which need to adapt to the changing times, perhaps this phrase too needs to be improvised just a bit… more than the right ‘stitch’ or action, we need to inculcate and activate the right ‘shift’ in our mindset.

As John F Kennedy quoted, “Change is a Law of Life,” – we are surrounded by change, it has a dramatic impact on our lives. There is no avoiding change – the more we resist it, the tougher our life becomes. Instead of having to grudgingly accommodate change, a shift in time helps us adapt to and embrace the inevitable.

Be it advancing technology and new gizmos, or new medical breakthroughs in terms of treatments and medication or science debunking food and other myths we’ve been clutching on to… we need to at least be open to taking in new information and knowledge, before we blindly disregard it. There are so many more personal areas too that we need to consider, in addition to these, where a mental revamp is the need of the hour.

And the sooner we allow this shift the better, because there is no hiding from it – it will find you, challenge you and force you to reconsider how to live your life or face unpleasant consequences. Hence, we need to open our minds to seeing how we can introduce a few changes, which would make our lives and the lives of those we love, easier. It is then that we will be able to thrive – as individuals and as a community.

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– Anahita

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