Parsi Pride Brigade

Keen Khushi! 18-year-old Khushi Neville Panthaki scored 92% in the HSC exams in the Commerce stream. Surat-resident, studying at Lourdes Convent High School, Khushi is a sports enthusiast and is passionate about dancing and reading. She looks to pursue BBA and an MBA, on route to cementing a strong career ————————————————————————————————————————————– 2. Amazing Afrin! Pune-resident – […]

A Shift In Time!

Dear Readers,   We’ve all heard about the phrase, ‘A stitch in time saves nine’. But like all things else, which need to adapt to the changing times, perhaps this phrase too needs to be improvised just a bit… more than the right ‘stitch’ or action, we need to inculcate and activate the right ‘shift’ […]

ZWAS Holds Exciting Summer Camp

The community’s premiere children’s institution in Surat – ‘Zoroastrian Women’s Assembly Of Surat; (ZWAS), organised the fun-filled ZWAS Summer Camp for about 57 excited children, from 5th – 7th May, 2023. The children, divided into three age-based groups, were taught to make name plates and pen stands by Daizy Patel and Keshmira Cama, while Mahazarin […]

Discover The Potential Health Benefits Of Mouth Taping… And Why It’s An Effective Sleep Hack!

I’ve encountered numerous unique wellness trends through my decade-plus experience as a hormone, gut-health and sleep specialist. One such trend gaining prominence is ‘Mouth Taping’ – a practice where you tape your mouth shut during sleep. Despite its seemingly drastic nature, many individuals, including my patients, claim its effectiveness, making it a popular topic in […]

The Avesta Scriptures

  We often talk about our Holy Avesta Scriptures. However, what exactly are these scriptures?  How many are extant and how many have been lost over the vicissitudes of time? Twenty-one volumes of Avesta: It is believed that there were originally twenty-one Nasks or volumes of the Avesta from the time of Asho Zarathushtra, which […]