Sal Mubarak To Our Kadimi Brethren!


Dear Readers,

In a couple of days, on Monday, 17th July, our Kadimi brethren will celebrate New Year as per the Kadimi Calendar. For our fun-loving community, which is always ready to celebrate all auspicious occasions – every event is an excuse to feast and enjoy – the more the merrier!

We are the envy of most other communities because unlike these, which typically celebrate one birthday and one religious New Year, we get to celebrate birthdays twice over (the Roj nu and the regular)… and when it comes to New Years, we get to do it thrice – Jamshedi Navroz in March, Kadmi New Year in July and Shehenshahi New Year in August! And when you add to that the rest of the celebrations we indulge in through the year – Diwali, Christmas, Holi, Valentine’s Day, the 31st December New Year, et al, us Bawajis could single-handedly redefine the term ‘OTT’ (Over The Top)!

Listed as the micro-minority community amongst all minority communities of India, our community stands out as an inclusive one, for the most part. In addition to celebrating all auspicious occasions, we fervently respect the religious and cultural sentiments of our Indian brothers and sisters. We also stand shoulder to shoulder with the world as it advances and progresses towards being more inclusive.

Most community members, who fully understand the consequences of the UCC (Uniform Civil Code) being implemented, strongly wish the GoI would reconsider its stand. While the well-intentioned UCC looks to upholding equality for all towards legal action and recourse, it could end up being invasive, even unintentionally sacrilegious, for minorities. Individuals and institutions have communicated this in detail with the GoI and it is hoped a solution can be reached, which will facilitate the appropriate and much-needed legislation, while respecting minority sentiments.

Here’s wishing all our Kadimi readers Sal Mubarak! May the New Year bless us each with the best of health and happiness, and may it bless our community with continued unity and prosperity!

Have a lovely weekend!

– Anahita



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