‘An Enchanting Ode To Parsi Cuisine’ By Chef Shezad Marolia, Nastur Daruwalla

Chef Shezad Marolia of Café Farohar, Udvada, accompanied by historian and columnist – Nastur Daruwalla, have been serving up an expertly crafted, delightful culinary experience, titled ‘An Enchanting Ode to Parsi Cuisine’, from 24th June to 1st July, 2023, at Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel’s ‘Masala Kraft’ restaurant.

Chef Shezad nurtures a deep passion for preserving and popularizing Parsi cuisine, with its rich history dating back 1300 years, as a delightful blend of vegetarian Gujarati cuisine and non-vegetarian, Iranian flavors. He draws inspiration from his family’s strong food history, and is committed to documenting their recipes, including those passed down from his mother, Hilla. Nastur Daruwalla joins Chef Marolia in contributing to this unique experience, bringing a wealth of insights and enriching our understanding of the historical significance and cultural context of Parsi Cuisine.

Chef Shezad Marolia, who opened an authentic Parsi bakery in Udvada two months ago, is a French cuisine-trained chef and has worked as a sous chef in London. He returned to India eight years ago, to start a café in Udvada as his aim is to revive authentic Parsi cuisine which has diluted with time. He also runs Farohar caterers.

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