Er. Tehemton Mirza Appointed Second Vada Dasturji At Iranshah Atashbehram

On 11th February, 2024, (Roj Aneran, Mah Shehrevar: 1393 YZ), the Udvada Athornan Anjuman instated Er. Tehmton Burjor Mirza as the second High Priest (Vada Dasturji) of the holiest of holy, Iranshah Atashbehram, in Udvada, alongside Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor. The ordainment, which took place at the Shreeji Pak Iranshah Atashbehram Hall, was announced earlier […]

The Antiquity Of Goti Adarian

Second Only To Iranshah And Navsari’s Vadi Dar-e-Mihr   Courtesy: Er. Adil J. Govadia   Indeed, the history of Surat’s Goti Adarian remains a mystery. There is no record available as to its exact date of consecration or names of priests who consecrated the Adarian Saheb. Very limited details are available regarding its antiquity which […]

‘An Enchanting Ode To Parsi Cuisine’ By Chef Shezad Marolia, Nastur Daruwalla

Chef Shezad Marolia of Café Farohar, Udvada, accompanied by historian and columnist – Nastur Daruwalla, have been serving up an expertly crafted, delightful culinary experience, titled ‘An Enchanting Ode to Parsi Cuisine’, from 24th June to 1st July, 2023, at Mumbai’s iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel’s ‘Masala Kraft’ restaurant. Chef Shezad nurtures a deep passion […]

Meherbai’s Mandli Goes To A Tea Party!

Kanjoos Kekobad and his even more kanjoos wife, mindhi-Mahazarine, gave a tea party at their house. You see, their surname was ‘Marfatia’, but the entire Mandli called them ‘Mafatia’s as they enjoyed everyone’s hospitality with lunches and dinners, but never invited anyone in return to their house. This time, the Mandli passed a resolution that it was Kanjoos Kekobad’s turn to entertain. […]

We Are Grateful To All For The Gift Of Their Donation And Selfless Dedication

The IranShah Initiative  Donation With Vision 2020 (Part 2 of 2) Honorary President, Religions for Peace Vada Dasturji Khurshed Dastoor,  High Priest Of IranShah Atash Bahram, Udvada   When courage and generosity hold hands everything is possible. Human contribution is an essential ingredient of a life well lived, for it is only in the giving of […]

Robbery In Udvada

In the early morning hours of 4th October, 2019, a Zarthosti house in Udvada, owned by the Bharda family, was broken into and robbed of gold ornaments, cash (Rs. 1.5 lakhs) and other valuables. Also the in-laws house of Rohinton Jal Irani, owner of Udvada’s most popular ‘Irani Bakery’, the premise was completely ransacked. Rohinton […]

Inauguration Ceremony of Udvada Railway Station

The newly revamped Udvada Station was formally inaugurated on 7th September, 2019, [Mah: Farvardin – Roj: Ram Y.Z. 1389], with the felicitation ceremony of Vada Dastoorji of Iranshah Atash Behram, Khurshed Kekobad Dastoor, for his efforts and personal attention towards the restoration of our most holy station as also his endeavours for the welfare of […]