Activity High School Is Overall Winner At ‘Turbulence’ Inter-School Fest 2023

In an impressive display of talent and teamwork, students of Activity High School secured the top position at the much anticipated Inter-School Fest – ‘Turbulence’, which was hosted by J B Vachha High School, on 24th June, 2023. The event saw the participation of over twenty schools across Mumbai.

Under the steadfast guidance and motivation of Principal Perin Bagli, who believes in nurturing the holistic development of students, the young participants showcased their exceptional skills across various disciplines. Event Coordinator and well-known educator – Anahita, meticulously organized practice sessions to ensure that students were prepared for the challenge. Sam Bagli’s mentorship helped instil determination to excel.

Activity High School’s exceptional performance was highlighted by their stellar achievements in a diverse range of events. The students dominated a number of competitions, including ‘Beat My Time’, ‘Listen Up’, ‘The Grand Prix’, ‘Back to the Past’, ‘Detectives Arena’ and ‘Shark Tank’. Their skills, dedication and competitive spirit propelled them to success! Kudos to the students and the fab staff!

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