Natural Intelligence In The World Of AI: A Yin Yang Balance

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the subject of polarised debates these days. Most can’t understand how man-made code can become faster and better than humans and evolve using their own intelligence. Suddenly, ‘The Terminator’ and ‘The Matrix’ seem plausible storylines!

Let’s pause here for a moment. What about the amazing circuitry within us? Our human body has its natural intelligence, be it gut feel, thinking with the heart or being purely cerebral. And there’s our Emotional and Spiritual Quotients. No machine can ever hope to match these.

The ability to come up with novel ideas, unravel challenges and help better humankind could be termed as Natural Intelligence. It is innate and a part of our DNA. For some, it is very active, and for others it may be less so.

Let’s consider some examples:

  1. Your body naturally knows when and what to eat. Become self-aware. Those who dislike sour foods might have weak bones or might already have bone-related issues, as per Traditional Chinese Medicine. You are naturally attracted to colours needed by your aura and are more likely to choose certain coloured food items, fabrics and paints at specific times and ages. It is well documented that brightly coloured fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins. Colour tones are important as are colour palettes, but it’s best to let your gut feel guide you.
  2. That inner voice that tells you to go ‘Now’ to the boss’s cabin or you will miss him. And sure enough, he was about to leave even though it’s not time! There’s evidence enough that intuition works!
  3. You might visit a new space or meet a new person and intuitively feel unsafe, your first instinct being to turn away. Listen to that inner voice, always!

Unfortunately, most don’t pay attention to their innate intelligence. Our focus has shifted ‘outside’ from ‘within’. Taking care of the environment and its denizens, helping and protecting others are a part of you, innate and learnt. Instead, we compete, rely on technology to calculate, communicate and innovate, isolating ourselves in the process. Here’s how we can strike the right balance again:

Work Towards Being In Good Physical, Emotional And Mental Shape:

  • Eat, exercise and sleep right. No machine will be able to pre-empt health challenges. They may help diagnose, and prop you up. Your body has the power to prevent, heal and reverse illnesses. All it takes is support with diet, exercise and (w)holistic practices like taichi and yoga.
  • Develop and maintain healthy emotional relationships. Having a heart-to-heart talk or just being around those who matter is priceless. No gizmos can take their place.
  • Listen to your body. It never lies. If it hurts, it is asking for healing and rest.


Reconnect With Your Natural Intelligence:

  • Still your mind. Spend time in nature. Be a sponge. There are resorts that offer forest bathing. Indulge in the kind of immersive experience our forefathers lived, every day of their lives.
  • Interact with people from different walks of life, ideally those you respect and aspire to be like. Their experience and learning will help, even on the energy plane.
  • Travelling is a great way to increase awareness. Stagnation leads to the worst health crises. Especially when we have the choice of machines switching on the lights, geyser, air conditioning, television, music etcetera.
  • Reading sensitizes your intelligence. Getting lost in someone’s autobiography, travelogue, first-hand accounts, will open you to another world. Nurture your mind’s eye, rather than deaden it with screen time.
  • Recognize the patterns around you and how everything and everyone works in a pattern. You will be able to understand and even pre-empt unfavorable actions.
  • Play a sport, ideally a team sport and keep yourself fit. Healthy hormones will help have a healthy mind.
  • Acquire a new skill from time to time. Learning to paint, draw, play an instrument – increase your God gifted intelligence and inner peace.
  • Care for an animal.
  • Enhance your memory. Start by remembering a dear one’s phone number.

The rat race is run at great cost to your emotional health and family. It is futile in the end when there is no one beside you to share in your success and happiness. The benefits of artificial intelligence are great, as it promises an exciting future not envisioned before. It eases many challenges for people and can help in all walks of life. However, man is made of 5 elements and an energy which must resonate with nature and everything around. He is gifted with an innate ability to conceptualize, create, produce and develop. The very things that have birthed artificial intelligence.

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