Online Petition Against Constant Power Cuts By Parsi Colony Residents In Pune’s Lullanagar

The residents of Parsi Colony in Lulla Nagar, Pune, have begun an online petition on 18th October, 2023, in protest against the issue of power cuts which have been taking place for several years. The petition seeks to resolve the erratic supply of electricity in the Lulla Nagar area, requiring a minimum of 5,000 signatures to make it effective and reach Maharashtra’s Deputy Chief Minister – Devendra Fadnavis. The constant power cuts have damaged many household appliances and create grave inconvenience in the daily lives of residents.

As per the online petition: “There is a Parsi Colony in the Lullanagar area, Pune 411040. It has over 300 flats. The residents have been facing ‘erratic power cuts’ now for more than 15 years and the situation is going from bad to worse. The power goes off and then within 1-2 minutes it comes back and then again after 10-15 minutes it goes off and comes back in 2-3 minutes. This happens more than 8-10 times every day and has been going on for many years now. Our complaints to the local MSEDCL officials here in Pune have fallen on deaf ears. They have also not been able to identify and resolve the root cause for the same. Such erratic power cuts cause damage to various appliances and create a nuisance.”

The Parsi Colony residents have appealed for a permanent resolution to this chronic issue through the online petition.

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