Be The ‘Silver’ Lining

Dear Readers,

Our community is blessed with a large ratio of seniors, comprising nearly 40% of our overall population. While some are fortunate to live happily with their families and are taken care of, many find themselves succumbing to loneliness, scarcity and depression. It’s important that we care for our silvers and ensure that they remain safe and well looked after during their twilight years.

I often receive e-mails and hand-written letters from senior citizens or concerned people, stating the need for greater awareness about the needs and welfare of our seniors. Their needs extend beyond common courtesies. They deserve our time and attention, but amidst the hectic schedules of juggling family life and work, and humanity going digital, a number of our not-so-tech-savvy seniors feel forgotten and abandoned. Most of us are just too busy and dismissive of them and of their contributions to our family and our community.

No one is more deserving of our assistance, compassion and emotional support than the elderly. It’s not so much to ask for – just make a conscious effort to take some time out for them, regularly and unfailingly. Undo their loneliness, help them with chores they’re unable to do by themselves, make them feel wanted – ask for their opinion and advice and you’ll be surprised with the wisdom they hold. If it’s geographically not viable to see them in person often, phone them, but stay connected. You could also choose to participate or form new Senior Citizens Welfare Groups in your baugs/colonies, or visit our seniors in senior homes/centers.

As Parsis and as Indians, we are held in great esteem for how we treat our elderly. Yet, an increasing number of instances reveal heart-wrenching realities of seniors being mistreated, even as we blindly sacrifice our traditions and duties towards the elderly at the altar of superficial and material pursuits. Let’s do our bit to be the ‘silver’ lining in the lives of our dear silvers.

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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