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Dear Readers,

Our community is known and respected for having produced some of the nation’s and the world’s most accomplished entrepreneurs. At one time, the word ‘enterprise’ was considered synonymous to Parsis in the business context. We proudly lay claim to one of the world’s greatest industrialists – our very own Ratan Tata – the great business visionary and legendary industrialist, who is revered nationally and globally, for his immeasurable contributions towards nation-building and winning the international markets.

The past few decades saw the entrepreneurial bug, unfortunately, hibernating, with many opting for the safer career route of being the gainful employee, instead of the risk-taking employer. The onset of the pandemic forced a change in the dynamic. Many who lost their jobs and earnings and others too sought alternative career options, starting their own small home-businesses or mid-sized enterprises, as the new normal took over.

The community has witnessed a new wave of small businesses mushrooming – a good part of which comprised home-chefs, alongside others offering various products and services… with good success, thanks to social media platforms and messenger services, providing excellent marketing service. The ball is now in our court to do our bit in supporting and promoting our budding entrepreneurs – as direct consumers or by spreading the word with our friends and family.

Parsi Times has been at the forefront of showcasing a number of such ventures and entrepreneurs, with the aim of providing the proverbial push. Together, we can make a difference in nurturing this new wave of dynamic women and men, who have chosen the entrepreneurial path, and could very well turn out to be the wheels which will, once again, get the entrepreneurial locomotive of our community running strong!

Have a good weekend!

– Anahita

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