Mobedji Father-Son Duo Ace Another Bombay Marathon

Regular participants in the annual Bombay Marathon – the inspiring 73-year-old Er. Jehangirji Mobedji, who has dedicatedly served as Panthaky for 44 years, at Mumbai’s Dadysett Agiary (Fountain), and his son, Yazad – completed the 2024 edition of the Marathon, reiterating their steely determination towards the sport. 40-year-old Yazad and his father competed alongside over 55,000 participants and completed the Half Marathon in three hours and fifty minutes.

While Er. Jehangirji participated for the first time in 2007, Yazad debuted in 2011 and ever since, there has been no looking back for the amazing father-son duo.

What makes this duo’s accomplishment even more special is that both, father and son, have emerged victorious despite numerous medical challenges. Yazad was born with severe complications, unable to even stand on his own, till age four. He underwent a series of major surgeries (including open-heart and neuro-surgeries), which enabled him to overcome severe congenital disabilities. In 2016, Yazad met with a severe road accident resulting in critical head injuries and had to take a break from all sporting activities for over 6 months (which resulted in his being unable to participate in the 2017 Marathon). But with dogged determination and extraordinary hard work, Yazad is back on track, literally! Similarly, Er. Jehangirji also suffered several medical issues, but eventually came out on top!

The inspirational Mobedjis put their injuries past them and returned to active training (and running), so much that even during the Covid pandemic, they continued their daily practiced daily, maintaining peak fitness levels. Last November, Er. Jehangirji was felicitated by WAPIZ for dedicating his life to full-time Mobedi for 62 years at the Dadysett Agiary.

“The sheer joy of running keeps the Mobedjis going! For us, the mantra is, ‘we do not compete – rather, we complete!” they quip. Parsi Times congratulates the dynamic father-son duo on their amazing grit and achievements!

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