RTI Collaborates With Seva Kitchen To Provide Free Meals For Parsee Gen. Hospital Patients And Caregivers

Thanks to the collaboration between the Sir Ratan Tata Institute and the Seva Kitchen – a crowd-sourced food distribution initiative, OPD patients and the relatives/caregivers of admitted patients at the B D Petit Parsee General Hospital, will now be provided free meals. This solution will prove extremely helpful as caregivers often neglect their own well-being when taking care of loved ones in the hospital.

Patient’s relatives / OPD patients themselves need to register at the hospital reception and collect a Seva Kitchen free meal coupon, which is redeemable at the PGH Cafeteria, managed by RTI. The entire process is based on seamless technology tracking coupons availed of and payment made directly by the donor to RTI for the meals served.

The Seva Kitchen initiative offers a commendable solution to connect donors with those in need of a free meal. Donors can donate meals in multiples of 100 (meals), and are provided a login ID and password to track every donated meal. The donor community is connected on a WhatsApp group – to be a part of the donor community, connect with Khushroo Poacha on 9561011264 or log on tohttp://www.sevakitchen.org .

The minimum amount is the cost of 100 meals. Donations can be committed in multiples of 100 meals and can be made in Indian Rupees only, for now. Once you’ve connected with Khushroo Poacha via WhatsApp and informed him of the number of meals you intend to donate, you will be added to the Donor’s Whatsapp Group. As earlier donors complete their commitments, your name will come up for Seva (or donation). When your first meal is served, you will receive a login ID and password, to track every donated meal. Upon completing your commitment, you will receive a message in the group to make payment directly to the contractor concerned (in this case RTI) via UPI / PayTM / GPay, after which you could request for a receipt for the amount paid.

There is no administrative cost / overhead deducted. The entire amount that you commit, goes directly the benefit of the beneficiary. The Seva Kitchen initiative is a genuine scheme, operating in over 10 hospitals across India, including Tata Memorial Hospital.

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