GCZT Launches Newsletter

The inaugural newsletter of the Global Council of Zoroastrians Trust (GCZT) was recently launched. The 24-page newsletter covers various news events and highlights the various areas of work and collaboration happening at GCZT.

The mission of GCZT is to offer a platform to the Zoroastrian Community to come together and work together for the wellbeing and prosperity of the Parsi, Irani and Iranian worldwide Zoroastrian community. It aims at developing strong bonds with Zoroastrians and Zoroastrian Associations globally and nurture strong Zoroastrian values of integrity, excellence, respect, non-interference, total transparency and autonomy of participating regions.

[Download the newsletter: https://gczt.org/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/GCZT-Newsletter-Final-.pdf ]

The goals Of GCZT also include preserving the Zoroastrian religion and its religious institutions and infrastructure; Promoting entrepreneurship, education, youth, health and wellbeing, heritage, arts and culture; and Providing support to needy and aged and help the ‘Mobeds’ through welfare programs.

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