BPP Connect

This is my second address as Chairman of the BPP to our community through BPP Connect. On behalf of my Board of Trustees, I would like to update you on all that has been worked upon in the past month. I thank Parsi Times for extending this platform free of cost. Housing: Though the BPP […]

Monsoon Mechanics

Air filter: Can you breathe freely if your lungs are clogged? Metaphorically, think about air filters as the lungs of your motorcycle. A mucky and a moisture laden filter will cause impediment on a two-wheeler’s performance as well as mileage. Air filters, as a thumb rule, always need to be dry and dust free. The […]

Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy

Sir Jamsetjee Jejeebhoy, the first Knight of Bombay, the first Indian Baronet, the pride of Parsis, and the first to delve deep into his pockets to bring succor to those in distress, was born 233 years ago on 15th July 1783 in Bombay, to Jejeebhoy and Jeevibai at Yatha Ahuvario Mohlla, somewhere near where Crawford […]

The Truth – As Is!

PT: Could you sum up in brief the raging controversy about you allegedly “banning” Jam-e-Jamshed from giving it any more BPP advertisements? YD: I have been primarily looking after the Trust’s finances and working hard with Zarir Bhathena to battle the heavy paucity of funds and liquidity that the BPP is currently undergoing. We have […]