The Boxer

The Boxer is a handsome, loyal, family companion and one of the most exuberant breeds around. Highly valued as an affectionate pet and guardian of home and family, the breed was developed in Germany by crossing the mastiff-type Bullenbeisser with the English bulldog. Beisser dogs were used by the Germans to hunt down wild boar […]

Making A Mark

Buddy was a happy dog with a zest for life. A quick learner, the Boxer had toilet trained himself within a fortnight. So it came as a surprise to his owners when Buddy one day nonchalantly lifted a leg and anointed the dining room table. Puzzled with the change in behaviour, his owners consulted a […]

Breathing Easy With Your Pooch!

Canine Behaviourist Shirin Merchant says, “Don’t let allergies come between you and your dog”. Here’s how… Porus loved dogs. Unfortunately, the boy was allergic to dogs and hence his parents could never get their ten-year-old son his own pet. Then one day, a friend showed them a newspaper cutting on ‘hypoallergenic dogs’. It suggested that […]

Ticked Off!

If you have ever owned a dog, it is likely that at some point you and your pet will be plagued by one of the most common vermin known to canines – the tick. These small, wingless, external parasites are blood-sucking pests that target not just dogs, but also other domestic pets, wild animals, birds, […]