‘Bawas Got Talent!’ And It’s Time To Flaunt It!!!

For a community known for its highly talented, quirky and obvious (and sometimes, inadvertent!) entertainment-value, the ‘Bawas Got Talent!’ Bonanza-of-a-Contest, comes as the perfect harbinger to kick off the brand-new decade! Held under the aegis of the NCPA and Adi Marzban Endowment Trust, ‘Bawas Got Talent’ (BGT) is a Zoroastrians-Only, Mega Talent Extravaganza, which is […]

We’re Here To Live – Not Run Away!

In Hinduism, there’s a concept of renouncing the world and taking ‘sanyas’ or refuge in a forest or an ashram and living an ascetic life. This practice started with Buddha’s abdication of his ‘Raj-Dharma’ (Royal duties) and ‘Grihasthi-Dharma (Householder’s duties). This concept of ‘sanyas’ causes an unnatural divide between those seeking spiritual evolution and others […]