Journey Of The Soul

We are all bodies of pure energy that use the garment of a physical body to learn and grow. When we are born, our true essence works with three predominant principles that aid our spiritual growth. The first is the Principle of Evolution. Your energy essence is born to certain parents, in a certain country […]

Hungry For More?

  Are you also wondering how to lose weight? Over the past few weeks, my inbox has been brimming with requests from readers trying to lose weight. Our conventional ideas about weight loss – ‘eat less, move more’ – requires a lot of willpower. Counting calories, exercising every day and fighting hunger! Eventually, people give […]

COVID Deaths In The Community

At least 178 community members have passed away since onset of the coronavirus pandemic (March 2020) in India. Parsiana compiled the death statistics from 11 major Indian locations where significant Parsi populations exist. 105 deaths have been registered in Bombay, obtained from Worli Prayer Hall, where a large number of Covid-19 victims are cremated, though […]

Caption This – 15th May

Calling all our readers to caption this picture! Winning Caption and Winner’s Name Will Be Published Next Week. Send in your captions at by 19th May 2021. WINNER: Modi: Just like your nation, your politics has long-term vision! Putin: Just like your nation, your career too, needs oxygen! By Natasha L. Patel (A’bad)

From The Editor's Desk

From the Editors Desk

Reasons To Smile Dear Readers, It hit the community like the much-needed and much-missed feeling of joy, amidst the ongoing gloom, to know that after twenty-eight long years, a member of our Parsi community had once again made it to the Indian Cricket Team! Nargol’s Arzan Nagwaswalla has been the toast of our cricket-crazy community […]

Behram Yazad – Our Saviour Who Destroys Druj And Bestows Happiness Upon The Faithful

Behram Yazad is the Angel created by Pak Ahura Mazda to protect the faithful Zarthosti followers who live their lives as per the tenets of our glorious Mazdayasni Zarathushti religion. Behram Yazad blesses those who live righteous lives with unending happiness and dissipates all their challenges and pains. Behram Yazad is a ‘Hamkar’ of Ardibehesht […]